Our current/planned series:

  1. LL Forms: A series where you can publish forms you use. These may be forms that you have clients fill in, checklists you use, flowcharts, etc.
  2. LL Motions: Simple. We have seen many requests for motions.
  3. LL INFORM: A series to use to inform and improve communication with clients. Brochures, pamphlets, client letters, etc.
  4. LL Practice: A basic nuts-and-bolts series. This is mentoring at the basic level.
  5. LL Commute:  Audio downloads. Make an audio recording of your material so lawyers can listen to it while they commute. This could be a companion to written material, too.
  6.  LL CaseQuick: Have you done case research for some niche practice areas? Assemble them into something cohesive and submit it for CaseQuick. These are summaries of research on niche questions. You will probably want to list the issues on the description, so attorneys know what questions are answered inside. High volume sales are anticipated for this series, especially for family law issues
  7. LL Startup – Startup kits for solos/small practice in the following states: All.